F.U.N. Homeschool Fair

Seminars and Workshops

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If you are interested in leading a workshop or seminar, please contact us directly at funacademy1@gmail.com

9:30am "New Homeschooler Meet and Greet"
Are you new to the journey? Meet others on the same new path. This is an opportunity to simply say hello and make some new friends, ask a current homeschool mom a question or two, and learn about resources that can be useful to the first year of homeschooling. This will be a relaxed gathering, more mingle and meet, ask questions you may have and easily interact.

10am "Homeschooling 101"
Hosted by Stephanie Wiscott of Deeply Rooted Learning Center https://deeplyrootedlc.churchcenter.com/home

This workshop will focus on all you need to start your homeschooling journey with Jesus as your co-pilot.

10:30am "CLEP for High School"
Hosted by Tricia McQuarrie of ClepPrep.net

We will be having an informal Q & A seminar on the topic of earning college credits for high school. The seminar is free but does require pre-registration using the automated form below.

Topics will include:
How does ACE credit and "credit by examination" work?
How ACE credit can save you time and money
How ACE is similar to the unit study approach
How to use our free ClepPrep lesson plans
CLEP and independent study skills as perfect college prep
Transcripts and diplomas
Clep and degree planning
Credit banking and transcripting your ACE credits

11am "Clear Path to College"
Hosted by Cindy Cipriani of ClearPathbyCindy

Using her valuable life coaching skills, Cindy will speak to parents about the challenges their young adult children may face when transitioning from high school onto their next step in life. Whether it be college or career, living nearby or far away, young adult children experience significant change, and so do their parents. This seminar will start the process of emotional preparation and planning, to develop parenting skills that facilitate healthy communication. Learn how to come alongside your adult children and meet potential challenges. Learn how to be self-aware and address your own emotions during this season of parenting.

Topics to be discussed

Emotional Coping Skills for the Student:
Leaving Home – Lifestyle Lost & Found
Peer Pressure & Making New Friends
Independent Living Skills for Self-Confidence
How to Deal with New Challenges

Emotional Coping Skills for the Parent(s):
Empty Nest
Rediscovering Your Life
Relationship Changes
Parenting an Adult
11:30am "Homeschooling with Living Books"
hosted by Becky Villalba, admin of the Facebook groups: Homeschoolers of Atlantic County, NJ (HACk)
and Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers of Atlantic County

Workshop attendees will learn about the main components, philosophy, and methodology of a Charlotte Mason education, including "living books." Using samples from her own library, Becky will explain how to "spread the feast" for your children, providing them with a deep, meaningful education.

Deadline March 24th

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