F.U.N. Homeschool Fair

Seller instructions - PRINT

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Seller instructions - PRINT

We are so glad you are going to join us this year. Please read and follow these directives.

NO freebie bench this year - if you want to have your own "free" box at your table you may do so but ALL sellers MUST take ALL unsold items home with them

Enter the building from the LONG LOADING RAMP side ONLY

We do NOT provide handtrucks of any kind so if you require lifting assistance please bring your own cart and/or helpers

Driving directions are on this website

Bring small bills and change - there is NO change machine at the community center

See list of what you may sell below

Bring plastic bags for your buyers purchases

You may arrive at 8am for set up and early bird shopping

Doors open to sellers at 9am

Concession is available throughout the day, breakfast and lunch food & drinks, at reasonable prices

SPREAD THE WORD about the fair by sharing the link to the website and sharing the social media flyer. Community merchants and sellers are the best advertisers to ensure plenty of traffic!

What can I sell at the fair?

The homeschool fair is a service to fellow homeschoolers. Sellers of used curriculum are to be homeschoolers ONLY (no suppliers) but all are welcome to come and purchase! Community Connection representatives and Student Entrepreneurs are encouraged to secure a table and may sell relevant items. Lastly, tell your teacher friends about the fair.

The Used Curriculum section will not be a "yard sale" but rather an "educational items" sale. The items which can be sold must be education-related (curriculum/books/video and audio tapes/cd's/dvd's/games/legos/kinex, etc). Any items conducive to homeschooling are welcome. NO food items. Homeschool student entrepreneurs can also sell items - such as potholders, scarves, refrigerator magnets, jewelry, etc. but again, NO food - thank you.

The recreation facility is a full-size gymnasium that is VERY spacious and can accommodate all merchants and sellers. This is a nice way to sell books/curriculum you are ready to let go of, while purchasing needed items at the same time.

Each year we have many wonderful books and materials available at fantastic prices. We are looking forward to more of the same this year.